What is the Spokane Regional Cross Connection Control Chapter?

The Spokane Regional Cross Connection Control Chapter, known by most as SRC4, was formed in 1987 and is an organization whose goal is protecting drinking water from unprotected cross connections. The SRC4 accomplishes these goals by assisting water purveyors in implementing aggressive programs; providing education and training opportunities; establishing continuity of enforcement; increasing public awareness; acting as a resource center; providing technical assistance; and enforcement as a group rather than as individuals. SRC4 is a chapter member of the American Backflow Prevention Association. The committee supports ALL similar groups who have an interest in cross connection control.

Who belongs to SRC4?

Our members include water purveyors from large and small utilities; State and local health officials; City and County plumbing inspectors; backflow prevention assembly installers and testers; cross connection control instructors; plumbers, fire protection installers, and irrigation contractors; backflow prevention assembly manufacturing representatives; and elected officials of water systems.

Membership encompasses Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana with primary membership from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Cross Connection Control. Membership is not required to attend SRC4 meetings.

What can I contribute to the SRC4?

  • An opportunity to meet other professionals with common interests.
  • Assistance in implementing aggressive programs.
  • Access to current DOH(USC) approved assemblies list.
  • An opportunity to present papers at SRC4 sponsored seminars and training sessions.
  • Full voting privileges and an opportunity to be a Director and/or officer in the organization.
  • Reduced registration fees at SRC4 sponsored seminars and classes.
  • Receive minutes of each meeting.
  • Access to SRC4 manual, slide presentation, video & CD libraries.
  • Use of SRC4 test kits and “testing practice” of backflow prevention assemblies.
  • Stay current with local, State, Pacific NW, National and International cross connection information.
  • Keep abreast of State Certification changes and opportunity to contribute input to future certification changes.

What can SRC4 do for me?

Your ideas and expertise are needed by SRC4 to ensure a balanced approach to solving cross connection control problems. Your participation will help shape the future of cross connection control by providing support for a unified effort.

How can I become a member of this progressive committee?

We welcome you to join one of the best groups you will ever find. Click the button below to apply for membership to the American Backflow Prevention Association.