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 In 1986 a group of water purveyors, city and county plumbing officials, plumbing, and backflow assembly manufacturer representatives met to discuss the problem of cross connection control in the Spokane regional area. Some of the problems identified and discussed were lack of active cross connection control programs among the 100 plus area water utilities; continuity of enforcement; lack of education and training of area water related entities and trades; lack of public awareness and need for increased communication. As a result of the meeting the Spokane Regional Cross Connection Control Committee was formed. Over the years, SRC4 has made and continues to make great strides towards accomplishing these objectives.

Speaker Biographies SRC4 2018 Seminar

 Scott Hallenberg  :Tacoma Water

Dan Eagle: Sacred Heart Medical Center

Jessica Shaw: City of Wenatchee

Randy Engle: XC2 Software



Speaker Hand Outs

Scott Hallenberg: Backflow Incidents and Response


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Next Meeting

September 25th 2018 @ 11:30 AM

Round Table Pizza

15402 E. Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA

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Backflow Basic Testing Proceedures

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