Spokane Regional
Cross Connection Control Chapter


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              Seminar Speaker Hand Outs

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                                    CONFERENCE REGISTRATION   

Elements of an Agreement Between the Water Purveyor and the Local Administrative Authority
PDF format (24 Kb) or Microsoft Word format (36 Kb)

Cross Connections Can Create Health Hazards (66Kb)

Help Protect Your Drinking Water From Contamination (40 Kb)

Lawn Irrigation Systems and Backflow Prevention (59 Kb)

Protect Your Water Heater From Thermal Expansion (52 Kb)

Residential Fire Sprinkler Systems and Backflow Protection
(65 Kb)

Washington State Backflow Incident Report Form

Backflow Basic Testing Proceedures

Testing the DCVA 

Testing the SVBA

Testing the PVBA

RPBA Coming soon


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